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Mission Statement
In order to mitigate congestion, improve air quality, 
and respond to the importance of establishing an accessible and efficient 
non-motorized transportation network, 
the Michiana Area Council of Governments is developing a comprehensive bikeway and pedestrian 
walkway plan for St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties.

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Bike and Pedestrian Facilities Map (2.25 MB)

Share the Road - Bike Right, Walk Left, Drive Wise brochure

MACOG Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Focus

The Michiana Area Council of Governments is responsible for regional bicycle and pedestrian planning.  In 1993, MACOG began developing a bicycle and pedestrian plan as one component of its Transportation Plan.  MACOG continues to work with its bike and pedestrian committees to further refine the plan, identifying and implementing projects, based on the following focus:

The 2035 Transportation Plan contains a listing of proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties.  Many of these projects are adjoined to highway projects and may be implemented in conjunction with a highway project.  Other projects do not adjoin an existing highway project and are included in the illustrative projects listing.  

Click here to see the project listing of the 2035 TP Bike and Pedestrian Element

Planning for a Bicycle Friendly Community - Bicycle Indiana & the Indiana State Department of Health

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Transportation Enhancement Program

Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Program

If you have an interest in bike and pedestrian activities or suggestions regarding the plan, please contact MACOG at (574) 674-8894 or e-mail us at