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Transportation Plan

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) like MACOG are required to develop long-range Transportation Plans (TP) with a minimum 20 year planning horizon. The Transportation Plan documents how the MPO Boards plan to invest local, state, and federal transportation dollars in roads and highways, transit, and active transportation infrastructure. The Transportation Plan should include long-range and short-range program strategies and actions that lead to the development of an integrated intermodal transportation system that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods. It is updated on a four-year cycle, MACOG coordinates the development of the TP with local, state, and federal partners.

Michiana on the Move: 2045 Transportation Plan

The development the Move 2045 Transportation Plan began in late 2018 and adopted by the MACOG Policy Board on October 9, 2019.

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Michiana on the Move: 2045 Transportation Plan

Amendments to the Transportation Plan

Occasionally, projects or assumptions made during the Transportation Plan process will need to be updated or changed. A proposed project's scope or schedule may need to be altered or new information needs to be considered in the plan. As part of the Public Engagement Plan, a process is outlined to amend these changes into the existing Transportation Plan.

Move 2045 Transportation Plan Amendments

Amendment 1 - Approved September 9, 2020